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ZONO-sanitech/ Hospital Grade Sanitizing System 


Kids R Kids would like to introduce you to the ZONO, a revolutionary new sanitizing system that sanitizes toys, stuffed animals, rest mats, electronics, and more.  We will simply place items in the ZONO, and the ZONO will do all of the sanitizing work for us, with no exposure to chemicals.  This will allow us to focus on the work we enjoy-- taking care of and teaching your children. 



The ZONO is a “green” sanitizing system that is based upon technology used in the medical device and food processing industries.  Ozone is generated with ultraviolet light using the air in the room in the sealed ZONO cabinet.  Humidity is then added to the sealed ZONO cabinet, and the sanitizing process is completed.  The ZONO cabinet provides a safe environment for sanitizing.  Ozone monitoring sensors are located inside and outside the cabinet to ensure that the ZONO is operating safely. 


What does the ZONO sanitizing system do?


The ZONO controls microbial contamination, killing bacteria, viruses and fungi.  It is an important part of a comprehensive sanitizing routine.  The earth-friendly technology reduces the time, energy, and chemicals required to sanitize.


What can we put in the ZONO? 


Just about EVERYTHING!  All plastic, wood, metal, fabric, and glass items, electronics with batteries, and art supplies can be ZONO`ed!  Small toys and manipulatives, soft play items, infant walkers, mattresses, mats, bouncy seats, activity tables, and more.


Is the ZONO like a dishwasher? 


No, the ZONO is NOT intended for food and beverages.  The ZONO does not wash or clean, it sanitizes.


Who can ZONO? ONLY trained Kids R Kids staff may operate the ZONO.


If you`re curious, stop by and see our ZONO! You`ll see that Kids R Kids makes every effort to keep our children healthy! For more information we would love for you to visit: http://www.zonosanitech.com/applications/childcare-facilities.html

We invite all of our families to bring in any carseats, strollers ets. to be sanitised each Friday! 

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