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Summer Camp

What do healthy food, the arts, sports, inventions, and adventures have in common? YOU! Get ready for the ultimate in ten weeks of exhilarating fun as you discover the incredible talents and interests of the Amazing Kid within you!  


Week 1 & 2 -  Taking the Food Challenge

During these two extraordinary weeks, campers will have exciting, hands on fun with food and proper nutrition in amazingly unique ways!

Week 3 & 4 - The Creative Advantage

Campers will stretch their imaginations as they explore intriguing aspects of the arts including drama, composing music, painting, architecture, literary writing, choreography, and more! They will be encouraged to discover their amazing, hidden, creative talents and develop them with pizzazz while participating in spectacular adventures.

Week 5 & 6 - Going for the Goal!

From diving and dunking to winning the race, campers will learn all about being part of a cooperative team while sparkling as amazing kids!

Week 7 & 8 - To Inventions and Beyond!

Have you ever wondered what makes a light bulb come on? Come see for yourself! Campers will look at successful, young entrepreneurs and inventors and learn the latest in what is involved in starting their own innovative businesses. What will be your amazing business or invention?

Week 9 & 10 - Wondrous Explorers and Adventurers

During these two awesome weeks, campers will explore many of earth`s amazing natural wonders. They will learn about young sailors who circumnavigate the earth and young climbers who scale the world`s most challenging mountains as they explore and experience wondrous adventures at Camp Amazing Kids!

  • Preschool through 12 year olds
  • Full Day Program
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